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Mat Boards


Mats enhance and have the ability to change the way people look at and respond to art.   A mat can make a small picture seem more impressive, a dark image look lighter, or even transform an everyday postcard into an exciting piece of art! 

Custom Framing


The design of your framing is the first element in the successful outcome of your framing project. Our goal is preserve, protect and compliment your art so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Neddle Work


Needle art includes various kinds of thread or yarn designs sewn into a fabric background. We frame counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, lacework, embroidery, crewel, crochet, quilts, tapestry, rugs and samplers. Some of these pieces are precious family heirlooms and others are contemporary.

Shadow Box Frames


One of our specialties is creating a memory box from the family treasures many people keep in their closet or dresser drawer.  



Our extensive supply of frame samples lets us help you find the perfect frame for your project. Need the perfect finish to complement a new master bath mirror? We have it!

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